Our Work

  • Unlike many Shabbos assistance programs, we have developed a well organized, cost effective and comprehensive approach to dealing with needy families. The following facts illustrate our uniqueness:

    • Administrational costs for most sizeable assistance programs are substantial, often requiring one or more full-time staff. At KES, all of our staff works on an exclusively volunteer basis. Administrational needs are managed through a network of volunteers who work out of their homes via networked personal computers.

    • Our methods of distribution are as diverse as the family's needs themselves. However, the common goal is to supply every family in the most discreet manner possible. By eliminating a package distribution system, we have seriously reduced out overhead expenses. For some families, assistance could represent vouchers redeemed at a local grocery store. For others, it might translate to anonymous funds channeled through a third party. Our straightforward distribution process does not impact our budget with needless management, transportation, storage, or distribution costs; thereby maximizing your charity dollar.

    • We are dedicated to providing a long-term plan that will assist families to become self-sufficient both psychologically and financially. We offer the necessary emotional support that is quite often more valuable than financial support. Where others look at poverty and see desperation, we see opportunity.

What people are saying...

"Ever since my family starting receiving help from Keren Ezras Shabbos, our lives have turned around."

- recipient December 2013

"Life felt so much more meaningful once we knew that there was someone who cared."

- recipient January 2014

"The bleak desolation that accompanies poverty is something nobody should ever experience. Keren Ezras Shabbos was our guiding light and source of joy."

- recipient August 2014