Global Volunteer Network

  • The KES Global Volunteer Network offers volunteering opportunities in community projects throughout the world. As our network continues to expand, with new programs constantly being researched, we invite you to contact us to discuss the many possibilities of reaching out in your community.

    Our core approach focuses on obtaining volunteers who will represent our cause in their respective community. No matter where a person lives throughout the Diaspora, we believe that local representatives are in the best position to assess and determine what fundraising campaign will effectively suit the dynamics of their communities. Through methodical planning, careful implementation, and proper execution, the synergy of local volunteers and the KES support staff, have proven to be a powerful force in achieving substantial financial goals one community at a time.

    Volunteering in your area is a great way to contribute to needy families in Israel, gain valuable experience, and foster personal growth. Whether you would like to arrange a bake sale, host a parlor meeting, organize a KES Scholar in Residence weekend, or simply place our tzedaka (charity) box in your shul (synagogue), our Global Volunteer Network provides fulfilling ways for you to help.

    Our success begins with you! The concentrated special efforts of people such as yourself allow us continue our valuable work. Please open your heart, and contact us today.

Did you know...

33 % of the Jerusalem's families and 56 % of its children live below the poverty line.

- Jerusalem Institute for Israel, Jan. 2014

One in five children in Israel go to bed without having had one hot meal.

- Israel Ministry of Health, Sept. 2013

Poverty rate in Israel is at least 30 percent higher than the measurement reported by the National Insurance Institute.

- Ben-Gurion University, 2014